QotD: Worst. Hairstyle. Ever.

What was your worst hairstyle decision ever?

This is kind of funny to me.  I grew up as the daughter of a hairdresser, there was not much I was able to do that my mom couldn't fix. 

That said, Sun-in was the worst

it fries your hair until you wash it out.  Nowhere on the box does it say to wash it out after a certain time frame.


but heavy conditioner and a hair cut made that dealable.

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One thought on “QotD: Worst. Hairstyle. Ever.

  1. Some years before : I had to catch the immediate flight fom Delhi as one of my friend's mother passed away. There was enough time for me to do or get something i want and go a little later as i got the ticket. I had already noticed a new hair style spreading in the capital. I immediately went to a 5 star hotel and got it done. By the time it was over i barely had some 20minutes to catch the flight. I came home and immediately changed and went to my friend's place. It was crowded like hell and all the pretty faces i used to see behind the bars of a window only, were in full attendance. As i reached closed to the crowded house. to my utter shock some smiled at me. Somemore tried to close her mouth, A person from a corner got up and ran away laughing like mad.Very soon everyone were laughing un controllably including my friend who lost his mother and his father who lost his wife. Feeling shit i wore my helmet, went inide and paid respects to my friend's deceased mother by placing a big wreath.Suddenly i thought i heard his mother laughing at me. Thank GOD', it was my friend's wife.Streaks of tears and liquified kumkum painted on her forehead,she was a real sight. Till the final moment nobody could go back to the previous grief stricken stage, but managed. I stopped experimenting with latest hair styles. Now i'm happy that 'MY'own style is the latest trend. (This's a true life incident)

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