QotD: Courage Under Fire

Tell us about a time when you were brave. 
Submitted by Hops.

The last time I remember having to be "brave" was when I had a medical procedure done.  As to that time I had never been "put under" and had no idea what effect the anesthesia was going to have on me.  I had heard horror stories from friends on what happened if you were allergic to the drugs they were using, how sick they got when coming out.  All in all, not much to lessen my anxiety about this process.

That and I HATE needles. 


But I had a great anethesiologist (sp?) and doctor.  It was 'almost' painless. 

I still don't like needles.



Now I realize that compared to our troops and those living in unsafe areas, this is nothing.  I am a wimp.

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2 thoughts on “QotD: Courage Under Fire

  1. I have a fear of needles, too. Mostly blood test and IV's. Shots aren't so bad as long as they don't take a long time preparing to give it to me, otherwise I get nervous. I know it's all in my HEAD, but if has time to get to my FEET …meep!…later, gator! You're not alone!

  2. I totally responded about being put under as well. I'm getting 3 impacted wisdom teeth out – which is nothing in the eyes of anyone that's had serious surgeries, but to me this is large being that I've never HAD surgeries, let alone get put under.

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