QotD: Best Road Trip Ever

What was your favorite road-trip of all time? 
Submitted by bodhibound

ummm  I really don't do the 'road trip' thing.  I guess the closest was when my not-yet-hubby, roommate and her boy toy of the moment and t-b-hubby's friend Gabe drove to Key West.


Unfortunately they left the job of getting a cheap hotel "near by" to the most non-geographically knowledgeable one there – me.

So we actually stayed in a cute little 'motel' (and yes, I am using the term very loosely) in Key Largo.  which is like, 3 hours away from Key West.  yeah. 

So little lesson for all involved.  If you really want to be "close" to something, please do not ask me to find the hotel.  I even asked the desk clerk at the 'motel' if it was close to KW, and she said yes!

So, also, do not always listen to the desk clerks at small hotels in the 'backwoods' of Florida. Apparently they may tell you anything to get business.


But it was kinda fun.  i found a starfish outside the front door of our room.  Loved Key West.  Hubby and I now go fairly often, even if it is from a cruise ship :-)  that requires more forms of ID to get back on the ship in FL then in Belize.      -shrug-

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