QotD: Style Overhaul

When was the last time you made a drastic change to your personal style (i.e., wardrobe, hairstyle, etc.)? What did you do? 
Submitted by miyna

The last drastic change was about 4 years ago.  I randomly (just 'cause I wanted to) and without my mother (read: Hair stylist) dyed my just short of platimum hair red.  Deep red, almost burgundy.


and it looked REALLY good.  I'll have to find some pix.


Then I changed it back to blonde for my wedding.  I wanted to look like me in those pictures.


Though I really loved my red hair.  Only problem with red is it  fades really fast, and everytime I redid it, it got darker.


I'm pretty translucently fair as it is, so dark red hair was really striking.  like a goth kid.  Only I did not wear a lot of black then.  I did purchase quite a bit of green though.  Play up the pale red head thing.  If only I had my married name then, I would have been the empitomy of a stereotypical Irish girl.


Oh well.  I'm more of an ice queen any way… 

(that being a reference to my heritage, which is half Finnish and half western-European-mutt.  I really look the Finnish part)

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