Vox Hunt: Music + Memory

Audio: Share a song that evokes a powerful memory. 
Submitted by MalieKai.

You are my Sunshine. 


My grandmother had a music figure that was a porcelein nurse (she is still an RN.  he does not practice, but keeps up on her update classes) that played You are My Sunshine.  I kept this in my room when I lived with my grandparents and used to wind it up every day at some point.


Then I met my hubby and we agreed that when one of us dies, we will play/sing it at the funeral.


So very powerful and makes me cry every time, not only for the possible loss of the love of my life, but also because I realize that some day my grandparents will also be gone.

Just thinking about it makes my heart bend a little (not break, that will happen later).

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