Missing (in case anyone noticed)

Sorry I have been gone for a week or so, life has been busy here…


This past weekend was my birthday (thanks for the happy wishes Karin!)

My greatest friends and hubby hit up Disney (I do love the House of Mouse)

and had great fun!

In EPCOT a nice employee lady gave me a piece of cake for FREE!  (in Disney, unheard of!) and my friend Sarah a cookie (since her anniversary is same day as my birthday-good choice of date).

We rode some rides, ate in China, I got a neato card from the China resturant where they say my name and happy birthday is written in chinese characters (though if I rememeber correctly, the characters are not precisely letters, thus being hard to spell someone's name.  Neat all the same) and had some nummy drinks in the counrties offering adult beverages.  I found that I like almond liquor.  At least when in a frozzy beverage.


Am also going to visit family for extended b'day fun, as my sister spent hours asking me WHEN I was going to come home for the party. 


More cake.


Then lots of work training on how to manage contractors.  Very informative.

Then yesterday the police found that my neighbor and his roomie and some other guy were shot and have been lying dead in the house since Tuesday.


So been a bit worried/preoccupied/upset since then.  Seems that one of the deceased may have shot the other two then himself.  Watching the news for any new info.

Disturbing none the less.


Glad I am leaving town for a few days.

Think about something else.

And not look at the fence that separated our yards.


Yeah,  think about something else.

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