Today…. is better….

Even though my computer is refusing to run the programs I need to do my job.   Oh well.    I have knitting tonight.  knitting hands   Stitch and Bitch at it's finest.  Though I plan to be more stitch.  Trying to stop complaining.  We'll see how it goes.   Also hitting the gym. I've […]

Back again

So… I survived the baby shower, I may have been the only childless one there.  Nice people, but apparently the most interesting thing to them was that I live in a city.  yeah,  OK….. Got some sangria, some cake, there were a TON of gifts for the new little one, got to see the baby room, which […]

Been gone for a while….

Trnasfered to new team at work, mandatory Overtime.  For 2 weeks.  Which then leaves me so tired…  I force myself to the gym, as I NEED to go, then home to clean up and go to bed. Wake up at dawn, repeat.   So I have a few moments before I need to leave today…  […]