Back again

So… I survived the baby shower, I may have been the only childless one there.  Nice people, but apparently the most interesting thing to them was that I live in a city. 

yeah,  OK…..

Got some sangria, some cake, there were a TON of gifts for the new little one, got to see the baby room, which is where hubby and I slept when we went to visit some months ago.  It's pink now.  Really pink. 

Cute, but very pink.


Next Saturday is off to a wedding.  'sigh'  perhaps someday I will be able to have a weekend to do what I want to do…. but not yet.


Then there is the big birthday thing, Grandma is turning 80, so there will be party had.  Not sure of the details yet, but party we shall.


I would really like to visit Disney sometime this month.  That would be nice.  Perhaps Thursday.  I may have some time Thursday….  maybe….


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