This is me. Really wishing I were somewhere else.

I really did not want to come to work today.

Turns out I was right.  I should have been somewhere else.

Today was an exercise in stupidity.  I have answered questions of those who would like me to do their job, I refuse, and those who do not have the slightest clue what they need.  So I attempt to help the clueless and politely push back on those who should be taking some more on themselves.


Now I will home, to feed the furry creatures hubby and I live with, and wait for him to return from work, as he is working late.


Tomorrow will be better, I insist!



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3 thoughts on “This is me. Really wishing I were somewhere else.

  1. Hello!Tomorrow will be better. I'll keep my fingers and toesies crossed for BOTH of us.Now go home and cuddle with the critters and your hubby and enjoy your time together.Huggs to you!!&:o)(and believe it or not, I am STILL trying to finish up my christmas cards and get them mailed!!! gaaaaagh!)

  2. i always sleep with this,,,sleep now,, tomorrow is another start,, another better day.. though sometimes its not, but i keep this hope of a better tomorrow, till there is a better tomorrow,, kinda givin me a fresh start in the morning… i love to think this way…

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