Valiant – Holly Black

Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie Holly Black Very cool!  I sprinted through this in one day.  While I worked for 8 hours and went to a party at my soon-to-be-married-and-moving-to-Maryland-leaving-us-very-sad-in-Florida house, which lasted  form 6:30-1:15am. I read at stop lights, on break at work, at lunch at work, in the 5 min it took […]

QotD: Define Cheating

What is your definition of cheating? Cheating in a relationship is any involvment, be it emotional or overtly physical, with a person other then your SO. This includes, sex, kissing in a not-so-friendly way, groping, long involved talks about feelings, avoiding your SO to be around someone else and the like.   I have been cheated […]


So this weekend is the bachlorette party.  all 2 days of it. Hopefully it will be fun! Party There is the plan for margaritas and perhaps some dancing and silliness.     Then we are having a 'products' party for her during the day.   Lover’s feet   I am expecting her man will enjoy […]