QotD: Act the Fool

Share a story of a time you acted foolishly.

I was dating a guy in college, and feeling very mysterious and oddly wise, read a lot into the little things that happen around us.

We were fairly newly dating and I was going to a conference for Student Activities out of state.  He gave me a necklace with a key of some kind on it to wear while I was gone.

I faithfully wore it all day , when I went to sleep, everything. (we were gone for a week).

On the second to last day, while in a meeting room watching some presentation, the clasp broke and the chain, key and all fell in my lap.

I took this (in my 'wise' mind) to mean that this relationship was 'broken' and broke up with him when I went back.

He was (understandably) furious and avoided me and everyone I knew (while still attending all the events we in the activities team had planned).  People I knew were convinced that I needed to talk to him, and I was convinced that I was the LAST person he wanted to see.

That lasted 2 weeks.  I don't recall who moved first, but we started talking again, then dating again, then we got an apartment with one of my friends…..


And now we are fully into "Happily Ever After"


(my darling hubby is so forgiving…)

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One thought on “QotD: Act the Fool

  1. Sounds like something I would do…totally read something mystical into something simple. I'd have to say that's the reason my last relationship ended….good to know the fates can be kind 🙂

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