Valiant – Holly Black

Very cool!  I sprinted through this in one day.  While I worked for 8 hours and went to a party at my soon-to-be-married-and-moving-to-Maryland-leaving-us-very-sad-in-Florida house, which lasted  form 6:30-1:15am.

I read at stop lights, on break at work, at lunch at work, in the 5 min it took to feed my cats before heading over to the party and to unwind before falling asleep.


Though that night's sleep was distrurbed as my hubby called to tell me he was heading home, then called to ask me to lay out some tummy meds (as he for some reason is never sure where ANY health products are at any time) then set off the alarm and came into the room complaining of "stabbing tummy pain"

This lasted until about 3:45am.

Ah, the joy of married life.

(and I really, truely adore my hubby.  He is just sometimes in dire need of caring for… in the middle of the night.  Always the middle of the night.  Between him and my cats who seem to wish death on each other at 4:30am everyday and will request breakfast by stepping on your tummy or windpipe or meowing loudly and pittifully in your face until you wake, I have a very demandning child.)

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