My weekend….  was entirely consumed by this wedding.

Don't get me wrong, I adore both my Sarah and my Anthony.  I loved to be able to help them and bear witness to the lovely ceremony and the tears of the bride who was NOT GOING TO CRY.

And the lack of tears of the groom who she thought would.  Sure, there are things that could have gone better, but what wedding doesn't have a few snags? The flowers that were bought were perfect, even though the florist did not show.  In a few weeks, no one will recall the DJ and the comment that he made that angered not only you, but most of your guests and the Mrs. and Maid of honor who heard through the PA system.

In the end, you are still married, Sarah gets a new name and you both get a new title.  The after party (yes, there was an after party to a wedding, very Anthony and Sarah) was fun, there were too many adult beverages consumed, the next day was spent by the Mrs. and Maid of Honor recovering, at Disney on Cinco de Mayo (there were no margaritas had that day…  I shudder to think )

Now you have left us for your honeymoon, soon to leave the state and your friends who will miss you both terribly.  I plan to keep in touch, and hold out hope that living with Sarah's parents for a short time will be enough to drive you back south, to us in sunny FL for the winter holidays.


All in all, my darling friends and confidants, I wish you well and hope that you will enjoy this journey into marriage and will love each other as much (if not more) as you have all along.


For anyone who cares, the color change of this post was in honor of the bride and groom and is a mix of their wedding colors and my Sarah's favorite colors.  I will post whatever pix I can get when I get 'em.

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