Life, and all it’s randomness

Moved desks at work on Friday, so Monday meant unpacking.


I am now set up again.  New arrangement, seems to be working out thus far.

Holiday gift from my Grandmother (subscription to magazine) was suspended due to no payment as they were notified that she had passed away.  So I called her to let her know that the mag company thought she was dead (she got quite a kick out of that) and she plans to call them and fix the problem.

As I deal with that type of call all the time, I wonder who notified them….

(if not evident from the above, she is alive and kicking, as is my Grandfather)

Heading to visit family this weekend, father's day and all (also getting hair done, probably grabbing mojitos with sis and Mommy, dinner at nice restaurant in city, hanging out with the grands)  Should be fun.

Tomorrow is the stitching, Siren…. I have moved on the the first green section…  It is coming along nicely!

Gotta finagle some new pix of the baby from other sister.  Mine are a couple months old.
Also need to get MY pix printed so I can start on my scrapbook of all the lovely days the Three Mouseketeerettes had out and about.  Someday…  really….

gotta hit the hay so I can get up at dawn and hit the gym running (ok, not literally, I am working back up to 'running'.  i'm a steady elliptical girl for the moment)

Nitey nite!

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