Losing touch… well maybe

So it seems my sister is moving to Mobile, Alabama. 


OK, so her in-laws live there.  And her hubby has a lead on a better job.  OK….


But what about my nephew?  Now I will not have the option to pop over (OK, a 2 hour drive is not exactly “popping’ anywhere) and see him.  He’s only 9 months old.  I will miss seeing all the cute things he will start doing soon.  And my mom will miss seeing her only grandchild (to date). 

And if they are gone long enough he won’t remember me at all.  L

(Yes, selfish I know.  But I will miss my sister too!)


And the big shock is that she is leaving her twin sister behind.  They have never been apart.  EVER.

I have to wonder if little mommy realizes what she is doing.   This is the same girl who could not stand to be in a separate bed from her sister when she was little. 


Sigh… perhaps they will come back soon….  One can hope, right?

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