In a time of dying leaves and cider

OK, not so here.  I am so far away from the colored leaves falling as trees ready themselves for winter and the smell of leaves burning, apples and pumpkins being harvested and that snap to the air that makes everything seem unreal in some way.


I miss Autumn. 


I am in a state that is entirely too warm for this time of year.  I believe it was 86 degrees when I was on my way to work this morning.



Hubby is heading up to Beantown for a quick business trip and has agreed to take pix of the trees for me.

Hopefully it is not too late!

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4 thoughts on “In a time of dying leaves and cider

  1. Forgive me but I forget what state you live in…(is it TX?)Yesterday when I got out of my parked car, it hit me how much the air in that particular spot smelled like Autumn – the Autumn leaf smell was really strong there.Some of the trees are spectacular colors here, even though I'm sure it's not yet the peak of the fall color. It would be weird to live in someplace that didn't show the seasonal changes.

  2. Oh yeah…BIG difference. I've never been to Florida, but both of my daughters have. They said it's pretty there. Are you planning on staying there, or moving back up to this area some day?

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