Endeavoring to write something original

…and not because I read another book.

I am always reading.  Really.  And ususally more then one book at a time.

If I am reading only one book, I am REALLY engrossed in it.  (re: Twilight saga, Harry Potter, THe Time Traveler's Wife)


So here is my attempt to write something unrelated to my book addiction.


My second favorite Holiday (behind my Birthday, which really needs to be a National Holiday) is just around the corner.  I am particularly bothered by the weather here this year. 

I grew up in the northeast of our United States (south east Pennsylvania to be exact) and have attached a certain weather to this Autumn season we now are in the thick of.  Unfortunately, my family moved to Florida when I was in High School, and those days of crisp fall weather and colored leaves are no more.   (I have hope though, as today it is 52 degrees, as of 10:30am, down right chilly for my neighbors and co-workers).

All Hallows Eve approaches quickly, and I await the in-flux of children dressed as their dreams or nightmares.  My hubby and I are also having a party, a chance to see some friends and aquaintences in festive garb.

(I swear, if anyone of my hubby's friends makes a crack about my costume, I will be forced to take violent actions against them)


Time always seems to speed up this time of year, the next time I blink it will be Thanksgiving and I will be with my family, then I will pause to breathe and my hubby and I and two friends will be on our annual vacation (7 days on a ship in the Caribbean… ahhh….) then hurry back for Christmas and New Years (kind of blends together around my house, how about yours) and the Annual New Years party.  I am debating if it should be black tie again.  Maybe I'll do a theme instead….  we'll see….


Then on into 2009  (In January Hubby and I are vacationing again, as an early Anniversary gift, this time a 10 day trip.)


Starting in February, life slows down again and the blahs begin to creep in.  This will be a good time to enforce my changed lifestyle I am currently fighting to keep ahold of.  I will renew my efforts come November, when I am not surrounded by candy.

Of course that's when I start baking for the holidays…..  sigh…..

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5 thoughts on “Endeavoring to write something original

  1. What are you going to be for Halloween???I hope you have a fun season, Pyro-pixie.I agree with you — time really does fly by, doesn't it?Did you ever think about taking your annual vacation in February so the blahs aren't so blah-y???

  2. This year I am going as a strangled Catholic School girl. (kinda morbid, huh?)
    Thanks for the well wishes!

    As for timing of the vacations, we have thought of moving the dates, but it is nigh impossible for both of us to get time off any other time of the year. And summer is way more expensive.
    So far, we are stuck sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's really pretty that time of year. 🙂

  3. "…a strangled Catholic School girl…"ooookkkk…I have to admit that's the first time I ever heard of that costume…It's just nice that you guys can get away on a vacation together at ANY time of the year. I can understand why you have a good time! I've heard it's beautiful down there.

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