Breaking Dawn -Stephenie Meyer

I did it!  I finished the saga.

Now I wish there was more to read.  Maybe I will re-read to get more back story stuff straight.





OK, so here Bella and Edward get married and go on their honeymoon.  She gets sick while away and they return home to find the unimaginable.


Loved this one too!  (Obsessive, aren't I?)  I was loathe to put it down even long enough to make dinner.

Hubby says I'm sick.


Guess it's all in the behavior.  😉

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn -Stephenie Meyer

  1. I think it would have been great! but the books are aimed at kids, so perhaps that would have ruined the selling of the book.

    I would love to see more 'decriptive' love in her coming books (asuming there will be more)

  2. I believe that much of the reason the books were so…chaste…is not only because it's young-adult fiction, but also because Meyer is Mormon. I've read interviews with her where she says as much. And that's just fine with me. She certainly gets across enough sensuality anyway. Also…leaves more to my overactive imagination… 😛

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