Iodine – Haven Kimmel

Iodine: A Novel
Haven Kimmel

Wow.  OK, this has got to be the most confusing book I have ever read.  Much against my normal reading habits, this book took me almost 2 months to try and read.

I could only do a few pages at one sitting, then spent a good long time trying to figure out what is happening.


I think this is the story of a girl who loves her father inappropriately and has some kind of mental or emoitional problem.

The story is told in unfinished sentences and many POVs.


I would not suggest this book to anyone I know.  It was too hard to follow and left me unsatisfied.

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One thought on “Iodine – Haven Kimmel

  1. Oh no! That is such a bummer. I LOVE Haven Kimmel's nonfiction – have you read it? I actually just finished another novel by her (which I will post about soon) and was slightly disappointed as well. Guess she should stick to what she knows…But thanks for letting me know b/c I probably would've picked this one up eventually.

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