Yes, another one… The Friday Night Knitting Club – Kate Jacobs

I loved this book!

I knit, and have been looking for a good group since my Jaime let Florida for Chicago.  (she had a Stitch and Bitch group, who I did not know well and they moved…. sigh)

This was a great celebration of the craft and the relationships women have with each other.


Georgia Walker owns a yarn shop above a deli on Broadway.  She and her friend Anita and daughter Dakota manage the shop each day and help customers who may need advise or help on a project.

Dakota's father, who left Georgia when she was pregnant, returns to win his way back to Georgia and meet his daughter.

The a friend of Georgia's from High School shows up asking for a commisioned piece.


The women of this novel are great, and unique people, like you might meet out in some little shop somewhere, getting thrown together and becoming friends.

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