The Book of Lost Things – John Connolly

Wow.  This was  a great book!  I thoughly encourgage anyone to read this.

David's mother has died.  He and his father are mucking it out the best they can when David is introduced to Rose, a nurse at the hospital his mother was at.  She and his father are getting married.

David begins to have "episodes" which brings him to the therapist.  David does not tell the therapist that he can hear the books talking.

Some time passes and Rose has a baby, David's half-brother.  David's father is out late at work often and tensions between Rose and he are growing steadily.

To add to all the tension and growing anger, this all takes place just outside of London during World War II.


After a partiticularly difficult day with Rose, David sneaks out of the house into the garden where there is a large crack in the wall to the forest.  He is chased through the wall by a German bomber that has been shot down at that very moment.


When David gets up on the other side of the wall, he finds he is in the hole of a tree.  He climbs out and sees that nothing is quite the same.  The flowers are crying and the tree that he came through, with the bomber, is bleeding red sap.


And the adventure begins.

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