Addition – Toni Jordan

Addition: A Novel
Toni Jordan

OK, so I originally picked this up beacuse of the polka dots on the cover.

I dig dots.


And, nice surprise, I enjoyed this book!

Grace has a counting problem.   She has lost her job due to all the counting.  She counts steps to the grocer, since she is no longer allowed to drive, steps to her door, shirts she has, how many poppy seeds are on her orange cake, everything.

Then she meets Seamus in the cafe where she buys her cake.

She goes into therapy and on some prescriptions at his urging, and begins making progress, then her mother's house almost burns down,

How will Grace deal with not being able to focus, but feeling that her mother's wants are being ignored.


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One thought on “Addition – Toni Jordan

  1. seems interesting.. maybe will give it a try because i'll never forget how it looks because it's so special! i kinda have like 3 books in Queue now as i'm reading "Shantaram" the big novel!

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