Good things and Bad Things

Last night some friends of ours, hubby and I  participated in a Thrill the World event.

Thrill the World is an attempt to break the world record for the most people worldwide participating in a simultanious group dance of Thriller.

I think the venue I was at said they had 350 people.  I'm not too sure though.

It was fun, it will eventually be on You Tube if I understand correctly.  This is an annual thing, so if you might be interested, there will be another attempt on 10/24/10.  Look into your local theaters, gyms and such in early Oct if you want to try!


On a side note, I woke up feeling really off yesterday.  I felt like my ear was clogged up so much that I was essentially deaf in one ear and it hurt to open my mouth.  I had felt a bit of pressure the day before, but thought it was just sinus stuff (as I am alergic to the state I live in).  So off the doctor I went, turns out I have an inner ear infection and a ear canal infection in the same ear.


So  I am (thankful that I have insurance!) on various drugs to knock this out.  Tend to be easily infected, so we have lots of wound cleaning and anti-whever salves around, but what do you do to prevent an ear infection?

We do not have a pool, so I don't regularly swim.  We have not been to the beach in months and I do not make a habit of trying to get water in my ear when I bathe.


Oh well, it is what it is (horribly painful and annoying) and will be over soon (I hope!).

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