A Deadly Yarn – Maggie Sefton

from Amazon:
Visiting Santa Fe, House of Lambspun knitters Kelly Flynn and Megan admire the work of local artist and friend Allison DuBois who won a well deserved award as the Southwest designer Institute's Wearable Fiber Artist of the Year. Allison, who never sleeps, produces highly regarded "wearable art". Allison informs her friends that she is heading to New York as an apprentice at a designer's studio who also arranges an apartment for the newcomer.

Kelly, Megan and Allison return to Fort Connor, Colorado after the award gala. Megan returns a cell phone to Allison only to find the artist dead. Megan is shook up so Kelly calls Fort Connor Police Lieutenant Morrison who investigated the death of her Aunt Helen. When the only thing missing is beads Allison picked up in New Mexico, the police assume it is an accidental death due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Though she needs to get back to her CPA practice in DC and should heed Morrison's pointed stay out of it dictatorial direction, Kelly believes a homicide occurred and begins to investigate Allison's recent lifestyle involving three not good for her males with at least one mostly likely deadly.

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