Bad to worse

Short back story for those who don't know.

Last September I lost my job.  I have been looking since, with no luck.  A good number of places are responding, but with a "no thank you, we will keep your resume on file".

Yesterday, my darling hubby, who was providing insurance for us both while I looked, was let go.  The kicker, it had nothing to do with his work.  He was told that he is a great worker, was quick and reliable.  And still….

So now we are both out of work, and both need insurance for various reasons.

He is really torn up,  understandable, even expected, and I am starting to lose hope that we will get out of this mess.


My optimism is starting to wane.  

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2 thoughts on “Bad to worse

  1. Hang in there, things will turn around. I can't understand a health care system that is tied to employment, it is a most unjust system to me. Health care should be universal as it is a basic human need.
    Juat keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

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