A poll of sorts….

So, I knit.  (examples below)


  And sew (not as well, but working on it), scrap (not as regularly as I would like), cook, bake, and generally "craft" (Most recently I made myself some scented salt scrub as the stuff I had ran out.  And I was tired of the scent.  It is wonderful and was made from stuff I already had!)

I am also out of a job and have been since the end of last September. 

(not for lack of searching, I can assure you. 
My degree apparently counts for naught though…)

So here's the debate I am having….

Do I open an Etsy account for the stuff I am already doing?  I don't really know many people who are on Etsy as sellers, so I am not sure how much traffic to expect.

So, my darling interweb friends, what do you think?  Do I make a couple things and open the account?  Do I stalk the other knitters on Etsy to see how they are doing?  Is that even possible?

Sigh.  Please help me!  I am so non-committal right now.

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