Cupcake on Polka Dot Napkin Decorating Basics cake class is officially over. Today was the last class and the "final".   I find that somewhat amusing.  I was somewhat under the impression that there was actually a test, in that, if the cake was not good enough, you did not finish.I was either wrong or the […]

Reading,reading, reading….

And knitting, but I don't have many pictures of that here.  I have a special blog for that. Minnie knitting So far this year I have read 66 books.  Some were more mindless then others, but books nonetheless. World of books My birthday was yesterday and I was gifted (thanks family!!) seven more books, not […]

New career, maybe…

I have decided that I want to be a baker and cake decorator.  First project in cake class Unfortunately, from what I can see, no one in Orlando is hiring someone to bake or decorate cakes. Not that I have not looked, or applied to the few places I have seen (Peabody…).  Nothing yet (so […]

Last Song – Nicholas Sparks

I have been forbidden to read this man's books ever again.   Hubby does not like that everything he writes makes me cry.  That said, it was a good book, engaging story of a girl from NY visiting her dad in North Carolina for the summer, getting over her anger for him  and falling in […]

Wicked Cravings – G. A. McKevett

Wicked Craving (Savannah Reid Mysteries) G. A. McKevett The wife of a sham of a weightloss coach is found dead on the beach back of  their Californian home.  He claims to have been elsewhere that night and returned home unable to find her.People who dislike this doctor start coming out of the woodwork and providing […]