Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

I have not seen the movie, but the book arrived at my home from the library, so I figured I should read if first.

I fully enjoyed this book,  you get to “experience” a person traveling around and what comes of it.

I find Gilbert to be very entertaining and I read through this very fast.

You meet up with her when she is in shambles over the fact that she knows her marriage is crumbling.   She finally begins to get a divorce from a man who has suddenly changed into some kind of a monster, calling her names and refusing her offers, just being a totally different person then who she married.

She meets David, who helps  her come out of that funk and begin to move on.  However, she immerses herself so much into his wants, that she ceases to be the woman he first fell for.

After the extended on-and-off of David, she takes a year to go traveling.

What a great visually envisioning  bit of words.  I felt like I had seen these places myself.

If you like truly entertaining non-fiction, please check this book out.


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