Fangs for the Memories – Kathy Love

I have been overcome with the desire to find some Halloween stuff recently, a bit early I’ll grant.

Hitting up the library brought a few selections to bid me until the real options come about.

In this novel, Rhys, vampire and eldest of the Young family children still living has lost his memory and fallen for a mortal girl.

His brother goes along with the world that Rhys thinks he is living in as Jane makes him happier and happier.  This is a great change of pace as Rhys has been brooding over the death of his sister and lose of his brother’s trust for 200 years.

Cute, quick read.


One thought on “Fangs for the Memories – Kathy Love

  1. Isn’t it great when a fun book that hits the spot seemingly appears out of nowhere. The same thing happened to me recently — an entertaining light summer read and though the author’s name and book title totally escape me, I do remember what fun the read was!

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