The Girl Who Stopped Swimming – Joshilyn Jackson

From back of book blurb.

Laurel Gray Hawthorne hasn’t seen a ghost in the thirteen years she and her husband have lived in their beautiful gated community.  Then, in the dog days of a Florida August, she wakes to find Molly, her daughter’s best friend, standing by her bed, who then leads her to her own small body floating lifelessly in the Hawthornes’ pool.  Laurel’s carefully constructed existence cracks, and the past seeps through…

Laurel and her sister, Thalia, grew up in what looked like a typical blue-collar home.  But the Grays have long been hiding a skeleton in their closet.  While Laurel built her “perfect” life, Thalia became an actress with a capital A, a woman who doesn’t fit in Laurel’s tidy world.  Now Molly can’t rest until someone learns her secrets.  Laurel turns to her sister, and together they begin a journey that will unearth their family’s history, the true state of Laurel’s marriage and what really happened to the Girl Who Stopped Swimming.


Great mystery.   Very engrosing.


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