Green Witch – Alice Hoffman

This caught my eye yesterday so I picked it up.  It seems like another older children’s book.  Oh well.  Still was interesting.   From Book jacket: Green lives every day with feelings of loss.  Her family is gone, the boy she loves is missing, and the world she knew has been transformed by tragedy.  In […]

Welcome to Harmony – Jodi Thomas

Per Amazon: When young Reagan rides into Harmony, Texas, in the back of a pickup truck, she’s in search of that elusive quality called “home,” and prepared with enough background on the small town’s inhabitants and history to pass as one of the founding family’s descendants. Grateful for irascible old Jeremiah Truman’s unquestioning acceptance, she […]

Star Island – Carl Hiaasen

I love this guy’s work.  I crack up every time.  Even with the golf journal that he wrote, and I know almost NOTHING about golf.  He’s got a gift. From book jacket Meet twenty-two-year-old Cherry Pye (nee Cheryl Bunterman): a pop star since she was fourteen — and about to attempt a comeback from her […]


This week I met my two new nephews. Charlie is 10 days old today.  Such a cutie!  Spent some time helping Mommy so she could rest her arms and have a few moments of peace each day. Elliot is 5 days old today and also so precious.  He is quite vocal but has begun to […]