Last night…

I dreamed a romance novel.

Wonder what that means?

It was really sweet, they kind of things that don’t happen in real life.

Somehow I was seeing this man (really hot, cause, why not?) and something happened in his family, who had never met me, and we went to some fancy house, everyone sat in some big room, for some reason my ‘journal’ (which looks a lot like my day planner) was on the table under the announcement notes.  I grabbed it back on the way to  my chair, then there was an announcement that the man was taking over the family business (not sure what that was…) the whole group of them get up to go out for a celebratory meal  and I watch man hug some old man (made perfect sense in the dream, really).  I am gathering my stuff, feeling down as he had not so much as looked at me since we entered the room, and figuring that this promotion signals the end of whatever we had.  The man (have I mentioned HOT?) comes over and takes my hand, helps me stand, I look at him, lower my eyes and congratulate him.  His free hand lifts my chin and asks what is wrong, as I am teary (did I mention I dream like a movie, where I see my self sometimes?  It’s kinda weird when describing this….) and tell him I am just sad that we won’t get to know each other any better since he has had so much responsibility thrust on him.  He says something wonderfully sweet (don’t remember what it was) and kisses me.

Then my cat pounces on my bladder.

The weird thing was I could feel what was happening…  and I rarely dream.  Really rare, almost never.

Since my cat woke  me up, who knows what my subconscious was trying to show me.


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