Closet review

As hubby and I will fairly soon be moving, and how I hate packing, I am taking a critical eye to my closet.  I took advantage of being in a cleaning mood today by going through the contents (at least my contents) of said closet and remove those items no longer used or unneeded.  I am also getting rid of a certain type of hanger that I really don’t like using (reminds me too much of retail I guess) in the process.

I have manged in the last 30 minutes to fill a box of clothing to be donated and a box of the offending hangers for the trash.

Now my closet is beginning to look more reasonable  and neat.  (I said I would go through and cut some wardrobe options every so often, and spring does seem the time to do so, with “spring cleaning” season upon us).

I plan to pick up some more thin hangers and complete the job before I pack (whenever that will be).  I would so like to begin anew with a neat closet.


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