Overheard at the library

OK, not really overheard.  It was kind of hard not to hear some of it, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I was running a few errands today, getting trash bags at BBB (that would be Bed, Bath and Beyond), litter,  some groceries, and such.  The last thing was to stop by the library to return a book and pay my small overdue fee.

Since I was inside and am waiting on a book to complete a series, I decided I would pick one up.  ONE.   (I have a problem.  I am a book addict.  For those who do not know me, I read a lot.  To keep me from going into bankruptcy, I usually borrow them from the library.)   While perusing the options and waiting for an employee to free up so I could deal with the fee, I saw the most interesting couple.  She seemed to have had some oral surgery recently and still had the cotton along her jaw.  She was also dressed like she was about to hit the beach and of an age, I did not want to see nearly as much skin as she had deemed to show.  She had a bit of a limp, perhaps due to whatever medication she might have been on (oral surgery…).  He looked like a somewhat stereo typical Florida biker.  Shorts, sleeveless shirt, the kind of person who, if on a bike, looks like he is asking to have his skin removed by blacktop.  They were both VERY tan, and seemed to be nursing that tan for, oh, I don’t know, the last 30 years.

So, they are both looking for books or CDs, whatnot (it’s a library.  There is only so much the library holds.)   I hear, indistinctly, but loudly, the guy yelling at her for whatever.  A few minutes later, she wanders in front of me (as I waited to be acknowledged by the library employee.  He lumbered after her yelling (and I though libraries were supposed to be quiet) that she should be looking for books and not “wasting my goddamn time”.  She responded that she was looking, and wanted to smoke a cigarette.

They were still outside once I had settled up and checked out.  He was still yelling (loud enough for the others at the checkout counter all looked up with similar faces of disbelief.

She responded again, but I could not make out what she said, as the cotton was still firmly lodged in her mouth.


And I thought it would be a boring Monday.


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