Progressive group knitting

Last night was something special at my knitting group.  A little history to make this clearer.

Normally we meet in the cafe of a Barnes and Noble in town.  We grab a few tables, kind of piece together enough table space to somewhat warrent the amount of chairs we need.  Now, normally at least half of the table buys something from the “Starbucks” in the cafe, rarely just a drip coffee for any of us.  We then chat and knit until the place closes and then we move the table and chairs back to some semblance of where they came from.   As in most bookstore cafes, some nights are busier then others.  Perfectly understandable.

Last night was ridiculous. 

 There are two groups that normally met.  Us and a bible study.  We say “hi’s” to each other and try to keep our volume to a level that will not disturb the others.  Polite. 

Last night there was no place for the bible study group to sit.  Not even one chair.   We only got a place as one of our members arrived a few minutes early and snagged a table and a few chairs.  Not enough for our group, mind you, but the few she could grab.   I understand that there is a flow in the cafe, and when it is busy, it is good for the cafe employees.  But there were a number of single people taking 3 tables and 8 chairs last night.  There were two women behind us last night that were holding a table.  OK, waiting for friends.

Then the other 8 people showed up.  And tried to sit down by pulling chairs from other groups.  It was apparently a class on how to market yourself as a missionary.  The main guy was LOUD and maybe 3 feet from my ear.  It was something.

Our group decided to leave as a number of our members were getting headaches from this guy.

So we leave, and head to another coffee shop up the street.  We drove due to the distance and location (quotes from our members, “I wouldn’t walk down that street in the dark for money.”  “The people walking down that street in the dark are doing it for money.”)

This coffee shop is having a comedy night and is packed.  So we leave.  And head back to the shopping center we just left, passing the B&N we just left and headed to the Starbucks perhaps 200 feet from where we were parked mere moments ago.

Starbucks was much better, quiet, had a decent space for us.  We bought more coffee and snacks (we are taking up space, let me pay you for your product.) and knitted some more.  We left when it was clear the barristas were trying to close up.  (OK, they had maybe 5 more minutes before closing.)  I put the tables and chairs where I remember them being and we vacated the premises.

It was easily one of the more interesting knitting nights we have had in some time.

Sort of unorganized, sort of an adventure.

And I almost finished my project. 



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