Sites and sounds at the office

As I am sitting, doing the work thing today, I hear someone come into the shared room I am in.  Now this is nothing new or special, but none the less (as I am a bit nosy) I look up.

There is a very pretty young woman standing in the middle of the room looking around, I assume for someone, though I know not who.

The odd site to which I allude?  She was wearing what I very kindly will call a dress.  Now this girl was probably about my height (and that is nothing to sneeze at, I have issues finding both pants and tops that are long enough for this leggy, torso-y thing I call me) and the dress would probably NOT cover her bum if she were to attempt to sit down.  I am certain if she walked too fast she would be showing off more than her legs.

In. An. Office.    Um…  Ok, I think we need to chat a bit about proper dress for the office enviroment.

I remain perplexed by the styles I see everyday.


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