Sitting in Starbucks, working….

As hubby and I had some work to finish up tonight (not usual for me, becoming quite usual for him, unfortunately) and we decided to be out of the house to do so.  I remembered that Starbucks offered free Wi-Fi, so we headed out to one of our local spots for some coffee beverages and some internet time. 

It was nice change of locale then sitting, not talking, on our individual computers in our living room until one of us was startled by the timered lamp (I have issues remembering to turn on a light when I am on my laptop.  Something about the glow of the screen makes me sit in the dark, straining to see the rest of my house when I come out of my trance.).

We both saw the sun for a bit, had a bit of radio time (as the only time we hear the radio is in the car) and some time together.  I got my work done and sent off, and he worked as long as he could (I am getting the impression that he is never ‘done’ working.  He may need to work tomorrow too, that will be seven days, and I don’t even know how many hours, that he, and the rest of his team, as I understand, will have worked this week.) before heading home, caffeinated.


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