Human Blend – Alan Dean Foster

Whispr and  Dr. Seastrom have very little in common.  He is a thief and heavily melded individual, making him unnaturally thin, and she is a natural who lives in a tall building where she also works and dates.

They come from dramatically different worlds which intersect when he visits her for the removal of some tracking bullets he was shot with.

He offers her payment in information and money gained from a secured thread he lifted off a mark.

She is interested in the knowledge of what it is, how the material was made and why a copy was inserted in the head of a teenage girl she treated.

Dr. Seastrom is introduced to the less legal underworld of her city and others.

I was unhappy with the end.  There was no conclusion, the two characters are still searching for someone to read this thread and being hunted.    I just found out this was the first of a trilogy, so I expect to find the rest in the following entries.


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