I have been catching up  on archives of a blog I really enjoy.  Reading through this I am inspired (yes, again) to attempt a more daily posting schedule.

I see surprising and pretty things everyday, but I rarely photograph or even mention them to anyone.

In case there are those that would be interested (or for my family, at least until we are all together again as my sister would like) I will begin carrying my camera and paying more attention to my life as it passes by.

Today, being Friday the 13th, I looked for weird things that are so publicized on these days.

I found nothing.

As I left my house to head in to work….

Nothing….  Just a normal day, bright and shiny, and getting REALLY hot.

I emptied my bag of coffee (finally!) and earned a free one! 

Before you ask, yes I was stopped and waiting for the light to change.  No danger to anyone.  See my blinker?

With cup safely ensconced in it’s holder, I headed on to my little desk to do whatever work was waiting for me.

Checked platforms and emails and waited for lunch.

As I left to head home for food (I debate bringing it with me, but then I would need to figure out how to heat it up, for the leftovers I usually have and would not have those few moments of NOT at the desk) I saw the trees lining the entrance blowing gently in the wind.

Waiting at the light, I saw a woman wandering around the retention pond next to our building

What is she doing?  Taking pictures?  That’s my best guess.

I ate, (on a side note, eating healthy takes a LOT of food.  Good gosh, I needed to add ice cream as a snack today because I was so far below my minimum calorie count for the day) and headed back in to work.

Did my thing, and clocked out.

I need to take care of my front yard.

The tree is going to take over unless I deal with it soon.  I am planning to go out tonight or tomorrow early morning and trim it back a bit.

It needs it.

My babies are upset that I don’t want to just sit here with them.

Shortly angels.  Shortly.

(for anyone reading, please let me know if the photo heavy version is good.  I am debating how to continue)


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