Neatened at the Edges

The tree has been trimmed. 

At least the parts of the the tree I can reach.  My main concerns were to keep the branches from touching the house (spiders and other buggy things live in my tree and will use that bridge to move into my house instead) and far enough above the sidewalk that passersby will not hit in the eye when they pass my yard. (not a flattering photo… sigh…)

I was surprised (and alarmed) to find some kind of stinging insect nest in my tree.

On a branch I cut off said tree.

On the PORTION of the branch I cut off said tree.

So I could not bag that branch piece, for fear of being attacked.

More on that later.

Once that was done, I noticed that my grass was creeping over the pavement.  Since I live in suburbia, the neighbors (and the HOA) tend to frown on that type of thing, so I edged as well.

After the edging was complete, I noticed the grass was a bit long, especially under the trees.  I’m sure you can see where this is going…       I mowed the lawn too.   Including the offending bee/wasp branch.  Mulch now.

But I did not sweep. I finished just in time.

I didn’t think the sky was supposed to be fuchsia.  I put the tools away and the rain started.  Perfect timing!  Now the rain will sweep for me!  And wash away bee/wasp stuff!

Since my hubby is working across the state (for those following, the closing is next month.  Cross fingers!) I am responsible for the outside as well as my normal indoor duties.

It’s like being single except that periodically I see my hubby and we talk on the phone and through video chat a lot.

I miss my honey.

Since I was a good home owner and neighbor and fixed my lawn, I treated myself.

A back scrubber, a book and lots of bubbles.  Ahhhh…..

Then.. I am done for the night.  Now for blog catching-up and mindlessness.

And perhaps dinner.  I should eat something….


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