A day in the life

Today was a busy day.  When I woke up I was not expecting much, it was sunny and warm, much like this time of year in the Sunshine State.

Got myself ready to meet a friend at the farmer’s market. Got my bag and headed out (after cleaning cat mess and wiping down the kitchen again.  It seems like it always needs it.)

To my surprise, the farmers’ market seemed, a bit slim.

Normally the stations take up all the blocked off area, backed up to each other and the sidewalks.  Alas, not today.  I asked the vendors I spoke with if they knew why, but they seem as confused and concerned as I.

I did manage to fill my bag (and so much cheaper then at the supermarket, and all in season! Bonus!) and pack up.

Once I got home, and unpacked I was even more pleased with myself.  I even got more honey from the local apiaries.

Sadly, for my friend, her mother had dropped in that morning with the fruits and veggies she would have purchased.  The farmer’s market stuff always tastes SO much better when available.  Her loss (I will share some of it though.  There are plans for a salad for dinner)

Once everything was put up where it belongs, we headed out for a breakfast treat.

I was very bad, and ordered cinnamon pancakes.  They had cinnamon bun goo and cream cheese icing on them.  -sigh- so lovely.  I did manage to pack up almost half for later.

Our plan was to catch a movie after breakfast.

We headed to the local mall, where the theater is, and checked the show times.  When purchasing, she went first and bought the 3D tickets.  -sigh- Alright, 3D it is, even though it’s a few dollars more.  We had some time before it started so we wandered around the book store for a while.  There are so many books available and I would like to buy them ALL!  I restrained myself. Barely.

Movie theaters are so bright now.  I (sort of) remember when movie posters were just posters, not neon lights.   I wonder what caused the change.

We saw Thor.  Fun movie, very heavy CG and action.  I accept Chris Helmsworth as Thor, he’s big enough. (I have a funny thing about the actors they have playing Norse gods.  Being of Finish descent [among others], I want the old gods to look more then human.  Mr. Helmsworth [how perfect is that name, anyway?] is 6’4″ and built very solidly, so he looks huge next to Natalie Portman.  It works.)

We watched the previews, then sat in the dark, in silence for about 10 minutes waiting for someone to start the movie.  Someone finally went to tell the manager just as I was about to get up.  Thanks random person!  Then, in the middle of the movie, the power went out, leaving us again, sitting in silence and darkness, the aisles barely lit by the back-up exit light.  The audience (of perhaps 6) waited a few, then a theater employee showed up, the whole mall had lost power for a moment and the theater was re-booting everything.  We took that time to run to the restroom, since we needed to wait anyway.  We saw the rest of the movie  and were then gifted free tickets!  To another 3D movie! for not throwing a fit when the power went out. (side note, what has this world come to that an act of nature [I am assuming, as I live in FL and lightening is a really common occurrence, rain or not] causes people  to throw fits in public?  I am happy to save the money I would be spending at some other time (or when I do not have the money and can still see the movie), so I will not be voicing that opinion in public while being given free movie tickets.

The sky was kind of gray when we left the mall, and my darling friend was not keen on cutting her lawn using her electric equipment in the rain, so we headed for coffee and discussion.  I realize it is very corporate and overpriced, but Starbucks was offering half-price frappuccinos! Like I was going to miss that?


Thanks Trish for the personalizable reusable cup.  I plan to update it once I wash it.

After chatting a bit (and being set upon by some man who felt the need to tell us what the straws caused in way of sickness and infections.  Ew…  I do wash my cups.  With really hot water and soap, and a pipe cleaner when working with these straws and the dairy that is involved in these drinks.  I felt a little better when he found some reason to talk to every girl in the cafe. For some reason.  Every girl.  Right…..)it was now actively raining, and we head to the store to waste some time.

Eventually, we separated for a while, she to let her dog out and me to clean up some more (and work on finishing the book I was working on).   We had plans to dinner together while watching Dr. Who.  I do love Who.  I wish I had BBC America or Netflicks and could see Who in my own house, but, alas, this is not the case.  I made a salad (yum) with the veggies I bought earlier (and some lettuce I had in my fridge.)

What a nice way to spend a day.


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