Spring Day

It is oddly cool here today.

OK, cool is not quite the right word, but under 90, so a welcome reprieve for those of us that have been living in Florida for  the last few months.  Goodness how quickly it heats up here.  We had a longer than usual winter (which I LOVED!  Hubby swears ice runs through my veins, as I will open the windows and turn on the fan in 40 or lower weather.   He freezes under 70.  -sigh-  Must be the Scandinavian part of me. )  In such special weather, I opened up the windows and am airing out the place!

For those particularly interested, this would be my dining room window and my kitchen window, with herbs in pots.  Fresh herbs are so much nicer, no?

I have been debating for some time to go semi-vegetarian.  Semi because I can not give up all meat.  I enjoy seafood entirely too much to miss out on that. (mmmm  crab legs….).  I have heard of, often, Meatless Mondays, so I decided to go that route today.  Now, to escape the salad trap, I went a bit wilder in my choice.  It will not meet any vegans’ diets, but I am not vegan, so there you go.

I threw together some ingredients I had in my kitchen that I thought would blend well enough and come out with…

Quiche!  Yummy too!  I used tomato, spinach and skim mozzarella.  Have I mentioned, yum?

I topped it off with some salsa, for a bit of kick. Because it’s a Monday and I felt like it (any time is a good time)  I poured myself a glass of delectable bubbles to go with the egg concoction.

I do not check my mail as often as I should.  Something about having to walk across the street and down a block (not that it’s really far) bothers me when I am getting home.  Today though, I did check it, to avoid angering my mail person, and was tempted as I returned with my mail.  I drool over it every time,  and make plans on how and what I can order and how long I will have to save or who I can share the total with to avoid shipping costs.  Though I do not have the money to do so, I want so badly to order something…   Perhaps some dishy…

I hope our closing goes through well, as I am some what anxious to get into the new place and see my darling more frequently.  I am also looking forward to being able to fix this place up and make it our perfect home, however long that takes.   This will allow me access to my sewing machine and fabrics.  I have the itch to make something, and knitting is going so slowly.  I just finished a dishcloth last week to help tide me over.  I do need to have my machines looked over and tuned up a bit.  I have a place in mind, but I need to move first (or drag my machines over to see Grandma.  She has a place she trusts, near the new house.)  I am also still applying for things, and waiting to hear back.  Hopefully I will find a good job to join once we are permanently moved.  That will help monetarily move things along.

It’s getting dark here and I need to close the house up so I will sign off now.

Have a great spring day!


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