something about windsday….

Today is another “cool” day here in the Sunshine State.

I again have opened the windows and am airing my home.  It is quite breezy today as well.  Thank goodness the humidity is down as well.  What a lovely day!

While sitting in my yard this afternoon, enjoying the day, I heard the ice cream truck go by.  Wow does that bring back memories!  While my family was living in Delaware in the summer the ice cream man went by everyday.  He learned to slow down at our area as there were a collection of kids within feet of one another.   I was the oldest and token money hander for the little ones.

Today I am settling for a smoothie and some entertainment.

I came in once the fire ants started to take over my blanket.  For those not familar, in Florida we have mean, and hard to avoid bugs.  Almost everyone knows of the cockroaches (ew!), but did you know that palm trees are like a motel for them?  That would be why there are no palm anything in my yard.  We also have lovebugs, sounds cute, right?  Well lovebugs are 2 bugs, attached, that hover over the warm heat waves coming off the concrete and tar, like roads, and then smash into your car (Well, vice versa really…).  The worst (in my humble opinion) are the fire ants.  They are not native to America, they came from Africa, if what you read is true.  They are red, and they settle themselves in sandy piles in the grass around here.  If they get on you, they bite, and it stings and causes a pimple looking blister.  They are not effected my water, so rinsing them off does not help (though I hear jumping in the pool will knock them off you.  They won’t die, but you won’t be stung any more.).   The blanket’s now in the wash, getting dirt and any smooshed ants off it.  Yuck and ouch!

While at work today, I found a new obsession.  Salt and Pepper pistachios.  Oh my.  Something so simple and SO addictive.

I am fighting myself to not eat the bag in one sitting.  I am so far winning.

While going through my house, debating what can be donated and what I need to pack, I found this…

A blank book I can use to hold all my tincture recipes and spells.  Yay!  I even got out my quill and ink to prepare for starting it.    Now I just need to get all the little scraps of paper and notes in order so I can transcribe them neatly.

I will leave you with the view from my afternoon dreaming.

Wanna move yet?


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