It’s another cool day.  I am loving it, and being a little curious.  What does this mean for our friends in the rest of the country?  Is it snowing in the mountains?  Being that it’s mid-May, I hope not.  This was a cold enough winter for everyone.

For the last few days I have been feeling twitchy. I can’t sit still and am ultra aware of what’s going on around me. Maybe it’s the change in the weather, maybe the new season, not sure, but I would like it to stop. I was tracking my food intake and I have been under for 3 days. Under the calorie goal I have to losing some weight anyway, and it can’t be good for me.
My boys seem comfy enough, so whatever it is is not effecting the animals.
Hmmm….   Today on my way home, my car auto piloted me somewhere I have not been in a while.

I guess that inspiration has had an effect on my subconscious too.  I bought some muslin and elastic to make something.  More on that later…

On another note, the pistachios are gone.  I manage to make them last 3 days (portion control.  I can do it).  Perhaps I will try one of the other flavors next time, these are going on my shopping list.

I am now off to watch Castle as I understand I missed something big Monday.  Au revoir!


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