Foiled again

I had every intention of sharing something crafty with you today, had great plans.

But my sewing machine is acting up.  I heard something resembling sparks coming out of the foot pedal.

Yeah, not going to use that again until I get it fixed.

I was gifted another, smaller machine.  So I pulled it out to discover, no needle.  And no instructions.

I am going to meet the girls for Fro-yo and knitting, so I do not have the time right now to look it up online.   I will, and soon, but for now the project will have to wait.  -Sigh-

On a side note, I finished another book, The Peach Keeper – Sarah Addison Allen.  My friend introduced me to this author and I am so addicted.  They are quick reads, and engaging.

This novel introduces us to the individuals who live or were raised in Wall of Water, NC.  The interpersonal relationships are wonderfully real and believable.    Willa is the high school joker who came back and settled down after her dad died in a car wreck.  She visits with her grandmother, who is so far gone into dementia, she does not remember anyone.  Paxton is the local princess, still living with Mommy and Daddy, against her better judgment, and president of the local Woman’s Society.  She is planning a great gala in the Blue Ridge Madam, the house Willa’s grandmother grew up in.  Pax’s brother, Colin, is in town to help his sister with the grand opening, and wanting to leave town.  Sebastian was a freak in high school and has come back self assured and with a good career.

When an old peach tree is dug up from the yard of the Madam, there is a skeleton underneath.  What happened in 1936 that left this man here?  Was Willa’s grandmother somehow involved?

I may be out and about this weekend, so I will plan to post Monday.  See you then!


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