Weekend of Fabulousness

This past weekend has been very exciting.  When I opened my garage to head out for the day, I found these friends visiting in my yard.

It was an odd day, for here in the Sunshine State it is generally sunny.  Or raining, raining ridiculously hard.  But on my way, I was encountered my a force of nature the Floridians I call neighbors do not know how to deal with.

I was alarmed at how many people were speeding around with no lights on.  Shudder to think.  I arrived safely, that goodness.

The rest of the morning was uneventful.  I swung by to return some borrowed items once the fog lifted.

Once I was done all other errands for the day, my car went into auto-pilot and delivered me to the warehouse of dreams and possibilities.

Ah, Joann’s Fabric, how you tempt me.  I did buy some muslin and binding for a project I am still working on…

I returned home, tried my project, was thwarted, as mentioned in Foiled Again.

Friday arrived, as anticipated, with my hubby!  And he brought a lovely gift with him.

I do love flowers.  Most all flowers.  And these smelled wonderful!  It was accompanied by a sweet little card, as he has been away for a few weeks.

We had plans to art it up on Saturday, so we gathered ourselves together and headed to the largest Fringe Festival in the southeast.  My lovely city did next to nothing to publicize it though.  I did not hear one commercial or see any fliers or TV ads or anything in the paper.  Nada.  The local free weekly rag had 2 pages, listing the shows times, but nothing else.  I am sorely disappointed in you Orlando.  Whatever became of the great spirit you used to have?

We attended anyway, as I do every year.  I volunteered when I was a student, to see shows for free and waste some time away from my dorm-like cell.

The place to be seen at Fringe is the Green Lawn of Fabulousness.  There the food vendors, the beer tent and the outdoor stage compete for your attention, and money in some cases.  We decided we wanted a beverage not available on the lawn, so we headed down the street, having already bought our tickets and having a few hours to burn.

On the way out, we happened upon some Jedi (or is it Jedis?  Never quite sure…) entering the Festival center.  They nicely agreed to a picture.  Not every day you see Jedi walking about without their droids.

Always on the look out for pretties, as we were walking to the establishment we chose to start our time-wasting, we wandered past an auto repair shop with the most lovely tree out front.  Don’t you just love the drapey cascades of flowers?

We had our drinks, while 2 large men asked my friend and I repeatedly if we were both “with” my hubby.  I answered an emphatic “Yes” for each inquiry.  We decided as a group that lunch was in order, as the establishment we were at did not serve food, we headed out for some Vietnamese snacks.  It was delish, quite spicy, and somewhat filling.  The partial consensus was then to get shakes before heading back for our first show.  This was a poor choice in hind sight.  While waiting for the shakes, a bit longer then it should have taken, we inched closer and closer to the start time for the first show.

Long story short (I know, too late!) it took too long to find a parking spot since we left, and were late.  A Fringe rule: once the doors are closed, no one gets in. 

-Sigh-  This made hubby angry, and he took the car and went home for a bit.

My darling friend and I hung around a bit, then she bought us tix to another show and we headed in.  Very good.  It was a local radio contributor who decided to introduce himself to the Fringy public.  He was greatly received.

Hubby came back for our last show, which was a local actor who performed a cabaret.  He was fantastic!  Funny and touching, one of the best I have seen at the Fringe.

Once we got home, I had to come down a bit, so I ate some Peach Cobbler Ice Cream (yum!) and finished my next book.  Very good story, somewhat reminiscent of the Dresden Files; if you are a fan, try these.

Right, longest post ever, right?  I just had a lot of fun and thought I would share some of the highlights.

Hopefully you had a fun and perfectly what-you-needed weekend too.   –And before I forget, if you would rather read something a bit more craft heavy, check out My knitting blog.  Thanks!


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