Memorial Day Weekend

This was a busy weekend.

While at work waiting for the weekend to begin, the new Jimmy John’s across the street brought us free sandwiches!

Awesome! Friday night we went to a happy hour at Howl at the Moon, a local(ish) piano bar.  With the Happy hour, you get a free buffet and 2 drinks.   I invited everyone I know and all their friends.  The important people showed.


The rest of the weekend was kinda slow, just about right.   Daniel and I had some burgers on Monday, after taking a few moments to reflect on the reason for this holiday (and day off).   I thought of my Grandpa, who was in WWII.  He passed away last month and I really miss him.

Today after work was errands afternoon.  I ran all over (and finally found wheat pastry flour!)  I took a small break to have a little something before I headed out to the grocery store.  On the way out, I saw some pretty flowers.

Yes, summer is fully here in Florida.

I am just waiting in my half (OK, a quarter) packed living room for a local lady to come pick up my trundle bed.  Well, half the trundle bed,  the trundle part, I guess.

Anyone in the market for a daybed of sorts?  It is not coming with me across state.   So, one way or another, it goes.

Perhaps Goodwill….


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