More reading and some yarn

I finished another book.   That makes 39 so far this year.  Goodness I read a lot.

Something from the Nightside – Simon Green.

Should have read this one first.  Here we meet John Taylor, and how he came to move back to Nightside from London proper.  He is contacted by a wealthy woman claiming her daughter has run away and his name was given to her after all the normal sources of help failed her.  Great, read it really quick (a day) and am devouring another.  Thank you Jim Butcher for the rave reviews.  I am glad I am not missing these.

On another note, back to knitting tonight.

While there I discovered (when almost finished mind you) that I knit 2 left mitts.  -sigh- Frogged it, and recast on.

C’est la vie!

I left a bit earlier then usual and picked up more boxes.  Now I have more to do this week.   On a high point, one day closer to closing!


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