Promises to Keep – Ann Tatlock

A novel of a girl whose mother left her father after years of abuse and his alcoholism.  The family, Roz, her brother Wally, her sister Valerie and their mother, moved  to the town Janis (the mother)’s father lived in, and he helped set them up with a house.  One morning an old lady was found reading the newspaper and sitting on the front porch.  She announced that she and her deceased husband had built the house and she planned to die in this house, even though it was no longer legally hers.  Tillie’s son arrives to apologize and take her back to the nursing home.  Tillie arrives the next morning as well, and continues to until she is invited to live with the fractured family.

Wally enlists in the army and goes off to Vietnam, much to his mother’s distress.  Tilly stays home and cares for Valerie while cooking as Janis now needs to work.

Roz is around town one day and sees her Daddy, who asks her to keep it a secret.  He leaves her candies and charms everyone he meets.  Mara, Roz’s best friend, is not sure he is to be trusted and tells this to Roz, who refuses to believe that her father has not changed.

Roz begins to see more of her father as the rest of the family settles into their daily lives.

Entertaining read, I was not expecting  the epilogue.  It seemed a bit heavy handed after the rest of the novel.


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