What a day!

Quick run through of my job. I was one of two people hired to take over for a total of 3 rolls, 2 of which had been open for 8 months. We were being hired by the last person left, who is leaving to move to DC the end of this weekend. Today I arrived […]

My birthday party

Ok, the second one.  The first was before my actual birthday and with friends in O’town.  It was great, though I overdid everything a little that night and felt off  the next day. Not to down play the dinner and drinks with friends or the dinner and coffee with my darling hubby.  Both were wonderful! […]

Wild days….

Wow.  Life sure has a way of having its way, doesn’t it. In the past (hmph) weeks, I have packed the majority of my house in Orlando, traveled beside a great big truck with all our needed (or so we thought) items across the miles leading us to our new home, unpacked said truck with […]